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Paragon Go Virtual (32-bit)  v.1.0

Enjoy the benefits of virtualization without being too technical and for free! Continue using your PC's applications in a virtual environment. Programs, files and user settings are transferred automatically with zero user downtime. Even if you moved

BitRope Burner: The BackUp Solution that Stays In Front  v.1. 4. 2000

BitRope Burner is an application addressed to those looking for an accessible CD/DVD burning solution that has much to offer but keeps simplicity as a priority. It's an easy-to-work-with backup software that allows you to create/read ISO files in a

REOBack Backup Solution  v.3

REOBack (pronounced as ray-o-back), is a backup solution designed for Linux users/system admins. It supports scheduled full/incremental backups, remote transfers via NFS or FTP as well as auto-deletion of old

GPB Backup Solution  v.b.0.03

GPB can be a ready to use out of the box backup solution or it can be the foundation for you to build and improve upon. The core and the power of GPB lies in the use of Bash scripting. Every single file used by GPB, main executable, configuration files a

Rabak, a backup solution using rsync  v.0.6rc3

A reliable rsync based backup system, simple to configure, simple to run, simple to restore

LBackup, easy backup solution  v.1.0

LBackup, easy backup for desktop PC's and client(s) in a small LAN ( e.g. a home network ) - Client/Server: Clients without backup media store on a backup client. - easy to use GUI front-end - Automatic backup before system shut-down

Backup Island  v.

ONLINE BACKUP WITH BACKUP ISLAND! Your Offsite Backup LeaderWith more than 500,000 installations worldwide already, we offer a proven online backup solution. Your data is safe with us! Secure your data from disaster due to hard drive crashes,

Genie Backup Assistant  v.8.0.364.534

Genie Backup Assistant offers an ideal solution for the home user who is looking for a simple

Backup Chunker  v.2.2

A free backup/synchronization solution with unique features! Perform multiple synchronizations between computers, USB disks, MP3 players, FTP & WebDav hosts and burn CD/DVD disks. Can also backup into multiple compressed and/or encrypted zip files.

PC Backup Utilities 2008 Free  v.2008E

PC Backup Utilities combines is an comprehensive backup solution for system clone and file backup.

EASEUS Todo Backup Home  v.2.0

EASEUS Todo Backup Home is a free file backup and disaster recovery software, protecting your data, including photos, music, videos, documents, financial data and applications.

Genie Games Backup  v.6.0

But Genie Games Backup is not only a games backup solution, its a comprehensive backup software that allows you to perform regular backup tasks to also safeguard your files, folders and documents, to a wide variety of storage devices, including

Hanso Burner: BackUp Solutions for Everyone  v.1. 9. 2000

Hanso Burner belongs to the first-class of CD/DVD burning software that work with Windows. The program is a most comprehensive solution for doing backups and creating/reading ISO files. Hanso Burner is all about simplicity and convenience - no

Meta-backup-kde  v.2.0

Meta backup is a simple solution that uses aptitude to create a list of installed packages.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free  v.5.8

Free backup & restore solution for photos, music, videos, documents, etc.

SSuite Backup Master  v.

SSuite Office - Backup Master is a backup software solution designed to backup your data either on the local computer or onto another system in the network. It's a multi-threaded program that can be used to backup your files and folders.

ZebNet Backup for Firefox Free Edition  v.

zebNet Backup for Firefox Free Edition is a free backup & recovery solution with basic features especially designed for Mozilla Firefox.

ZebNet Backup for IncrediMail Free  v.

zebNet Backup for IncrediMail Free Edition is a free backup & recovery solution with basic features especially designed for IncrediMail.

ZebNet Backup for Internet Explorer Free  v.

zebNet Backup for Internet Explorer Free Edition is a free backup & recovery solution with basic features especially designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer.

ZebNet Backup for Live Mail Free Edition  v.

zebNet Backup for Live Mail Free Edition is a free backup & recovery solution with basic features especially designed for Windows Live Mail.

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